About the program

This year we are very pleased to announce that three young and internationally renowned clarinettists, Matic Kuder and Andraž Golob (Berliner Philharmonic) and Tomaž Močilnik (HR-Sinfonieorchester, Frankfurt Radio Orchestra) responded to the invitation to share their knowledge and experience. Matic and Tomaž will lead workshops where they will talk about preparing for the audition. Orchestral excerpts with the most famous and most frequently performed clarinet solos will be played. Andraž Golob will lead an intensive 3-day master class for bass clarinet. Mate Bekavac will try to unvail a secret of mastering the clarinet playing and illuminate another area that is very important for our work. With the youngest clarinetists, we will start to explore the joys of making music together in the  Klarinetkanje JUNIOR. On a daily basis, we will present a diverse selection of clarinet repertoire at concerts. In addition to workshops and lectures, we will also prepare a program for the final Gala concert. There it will also be possible to test the latest clarinet models and other materials that make our everyday life easier, such as reeds, ligatures, mouthpieces, barrels, … We believe that it will be a lot of fun gaining new experiences and knowledge in idylic natural surroundings of the Bohinj region.

See you in summer at Klarinetkanje 2022 in Bohinj.