7th  till 12th August 2022

Bohinj, Slovenia


At the first “Klarinetkanje”, I enjoyed unusual lectures and everyday performances the most. There was a very relaxed atmosphere among the participants, as we were able to practise all day, learning new works and gaining knowledge and new experiences.
Filip Brezovšek
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz
The festival in the beautiful Bohinj Valley offered excellent professors and a great chamber music program, so that all participants were well involved in its course. I hope to come again.  
Miha Grmek
Hochschule für Musik Basel
The first “Klarinetkanje” really impressed me and I have only the best thoughts towards it. It offers a lot of knowledge and, above all, unforgettable experience to a young clarinetist who wants to progress. I will be happy to attend it in the future.
Miha Koželj
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz
The Festival “Klarinetkanje 2021” creatively connected clarinetists in the process of exchanging knowledge. I liked the form of a masterclass combined with practical music-making at concerts in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. All of this has been for me a very important event due to good cooperation and exchange of ideas between musicians.  
Julija Vrabec
Hochschule für Musik Basel

Thanks to the organizers for making the effort to make such a get-together possible – I can’t wait for next summer!

Milena Keser
Universität Mozarteum

The summer festival “Klarinetkanje” in Bohinj was a really nice meeting of clarinetists. All the opportunities for chamber music, rehearsals, concerts and pleasant gatherings brought me a lot of new experiences and new joy to the clarinet. It is amazing to think how accomplished world-known musicians gathered in Bohinj this week and it was a great honor to meet them and play with them.

Lara Korenjak
Hochschule für Musik Nürnberg